The dangers of the future cannot be confronted with the answers of the past

Many private individuals, self-employed persons, companies and corporations process enormous amounts of data on their computers and servers every day. Billions of e-mails are sent and many types of communication are chosen to exchange information with others. But there is also a lot of information that should not be shared with other people. With these trade secrets you secretly hope that they will not get to unauthorized persons.

What can be done about this?

If you consider that something has to be done, you are already one step ahead of many of your fellow human beings. You have understood that these dangers must be faced and appropriate measures taken.

As a self-employed person, small or medium-sized business, would you like to deal with the topic of “cyber security”? Do you want to know what the situation is regarding the confidentiality of your data? How available is the data? How are the essential components of my IT protected?

I can take up all these questions in an examination or consultation on the subject of “Cyber Security” and give an assessment on what level your IT security is.