Dry topics brought to life in an exciting and refreshing way

In the area of auditing and IT security, the focus is on dry and sometimes very technical topics. Nevertheless, the content and procedure within the industry is not only relevant for industry experts, but also for all other areas.

In addition, we are moving in an increasingly digitalized world in which IT security is playing an increasingly important role.

In addition to the topics listed below, I would also be happy to give you one of the exciting key notes on the rough topic of internal auditing, digitization and cyber/IT security.

My current Key Notes:

  • Authorization – what are the basics, what do I have to pay attention to?
  • Trust is good, control is better – The way out of over-regulation to common sense
  • Internal audit under the performance pressure of the “new work” movement
  • Efficient compliance – aligning business process optimization and compliance
  • Internal Auditing in the Digital Change
  • How does the internal audit according to the EU-DSGVO work?
  • Digital Change in Conservative Organizations – Breaking Down Crusted Structures
  • Cybersecurity – Dangers of the modern world and how can I equip myself?

If you are interested in one of my Key Notes, I look forward to hearing from you.