SAP authorization system is a topic in itself

They use SAP and the terms “GRC”, “SoD”, “critical access”, “need to know” echo through the room. Then the access authorization for SAP is discussed and edited here.

Did you know?

There are more than 70,000 authorization objects in SAP. Do you know them all? If you have purchased add-ons or other modules from third-party providers, this number will increase very quickly.

In order to be able to keep an overview here, I will support you both in setting up a conceptual authorization management system and in implementing it in practice. I support you in meeting the essential requirements of internal and external governance and in going live with an authorization concept that does not put your organization in front of an administrative madness process.

Together with the specialist departments, we work out the necessary authorizations and always ensure compliance with the essential legal framework. We design a concept that is optimized for the size of your company, which can then be supported, further developed and above all lived by your organization.

My expertise

In the past years I have been involved in a large number of projects

  • Authorization concepts created
  • Authorizations for the specialist departments developed and put live
  • GRC systems designed and introduced
  • Authorization checks performed
  • SoD concepts created and introduced