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hack-CARE at the Presseclub Munich “How secure are our medical practices and hospitals against cyber attacks”

It is an exciting time we are currently living in. A change is taking place that is described as bigger, like the industrial revolution. Everything is being digitalized and established business models and processes are being disruptively replaced by new technologies.

These new possibilities are however accompanied by ever new news about security incidents, hacker attacks, malware and many many more. Thus, the technologized departure into the new future is accompanied by new scenarios, which we have so far perceived to a limited extent, if at all.

Today, it is no longer only the large companies that face the problem of private and critical information being stolen by external parties, or system infrastructures being paralyzed by malware and attackers. This problem affects everyone directly.

A solution especially for small companies and private persons with high protection needs

It is mainly the small companies that often work with highly critical information and store it on their infrastructure. Tax consultants, notaries, doctors and lawyers, who have highly sensitive and critical information of their customers and who sometimes protect this information poorly or not at all from access.

Yesterday our partner “hack-CARE” held a press conference at the Presseclub Munich on the topic “How secure are our medical practices and hospitals against cyber attacks”. The main points of attack were discussed and a general picture was given of the risks involved.

In the past weeks and months, hospitals have repeatedly been in the news that have had to temporarily shut down operations due to cyber attacks. How can surgeries and hospitals arm themselves, what are the challenges.

The following videos give a small impression of how the topic of cybersecurity can be addressed for hospitals and medical practices. Unfortunately these Videos are only available in german.

Thanks and good luck to Viktor and Michael.

For more information on hack-CARE click here.

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